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 Mindfulness Is a Tool for Life

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Claire Moreau

I started my mindfulness journey when I was working as a freelance translator. Realising the constant time pressure and demands were taking a toll on my mind and body, I began exploring tools to look after my wellbeing. I’ve now been practising yoga for nearly 15 years and meditation for over ten years. In 2018, I attended a 96-hour Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course, deepening my understanding of stress management. This set me on the path to becoming a fully trained and qualified mindfulness teacher. I add practical techniques learned from years of meditation practice to my courses.


Mental wellbeing means feeling valued and good about ourselves, having a sense of purpose and control over our lives, functioning well as an individual and in relationships, and connecting to the wider world.



I provide techniques and tools to help all children. They can learn how to improve their concentration, relax, and identify and manage their emotions.



I provide a range of courses for adults aimed at improving wellbeing. Based on Zenways Meditation and Mindfulness for Health & Wellbeing.


Thank you Claire! It did me a lot of good – just to force myself to take time for me in a more exclusive manner. To me this has been my special moment in the week where you take the time out for yourself.

Roxanne Panopoulos

Further to the 8-week mindfulness programme with Claire, I had a very positive feedback from the pupils. Most of them have said, that thanks to this programme, their concentration has improved and they identify and manage better their emotions. I have witnessed real progress in pupils, especially in terms of anxiety and attention deficit that have particularly increased as a result of two lockdowns.

A warm thank you to Claire who has done an amazing job!

Mrs Peggy Esculpavit-Dupret,
CE2/Year 4 Teacher, Marie d’Orliac, London SW6

Claire has been an amazing teacher who brought us through a mindful path where I learnt about myself, my emotion and my mind wonderings. The course is well structured and organised in details to allow all student to not get lost at any point. I feel that (this course) got me on the right path to start my daily practice.

Donatella Fiorella
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